cyclotron is the road bike that rides without spokes or tires

cyclotron is the road bike that rides without spokes or tires cyclotron is the road bike that rides without spokes or tires

cyclotron is the road bike that rides without spokes or tires

‘cyclotron’ believe a bike as a ‘utility’ should enable people to reach their goals. whether it is for getting groceries, taking the kids to the playground or simply having fun riding it. to handle these different tasks the ‘cyclotron bike’ has been designed with versatile and technically advanced techniques — the company are currently checking on more than 15 patents that they plan to file for.

cyclotron bike designboom
the bicycle takes on a futuristic form

the bike features two spokeless wheels, making it is the world’s first commercially available bike using this technology. following this minimalist design language are the airless tires, made from solid polymer. ? all lights of the ‘cyclotron bike’ are toggled by the ‘automatic light sensor’, that switches them on/off according to the current daylight situation. this tremendously enhances visibility when riding in traffic or on roads with no public street lighting. the self charging li-ion battery pack powers the lights for more than 8 hours without engaging the internal dynamo. the ‘cyclo-app’ gives notifications when battery is low, so it can always be recharged.?

cyclotron bike designboom
the lights power on/off depending on daylight situations

the battery is located discreetly within the seatpost and can easily be removed for additional charging with the optional charger at any wall socket. the company believe they have an innovative product that will shape the cycling industry. more than 3 years ago, they quickly noticed that the possibilities for improvement were quite limited, when sticking with the ‘regular’ bicycle platform. questions were asked of every aspect of ‘motion on two wheels’ and investigated the latest high-tech materials and production methods from many other kinds of vehicles, by sea, land and air.

cyclotron bike designboom
the battery is hidden within the seatpost

materials and production methods have rapidly evolved within the last decade. whenever speed and performance is an relevant issue, we usually encounter an extensive use of carbon fiber in these constructions.  the ‘cyclotron bike’ is made of space grade carbon fiber composite, which makes it rigid, stiff and ultra lightweight at the same time. while ironing out the optimal production process for the ‘cyclotron monocoque’ frame, various experiments were carried out testing material properties. it was identified that the stiffest, most lightweight and durable construction could be achieved with a ‘carbon fiber sandwich’ — two layers of carbon fiber are combined with an ultra lightweight core structure. this way fewer layers of carbon fiber and less resin are used, without impairing stability.

cyclotron bike designboom
features an app that is part of the bicycle package

with the groundbreaking construction cyclotron managed to integrate everything. all wires and cables run inside the frame, which also results in enhanced aerodynamics, no more dirt exposure and a clean and uncluttered look. the ‘cyclotron bike’ features two different riding styles: sport — streamlined and low-profile for speed and performance; comfort — more relaxed and upright for cruising and comfort. ? this gives riders the choice of two different bicycles to pick from at any time. two small adjustments change the entire seating geometry of the ‘cyclotron bike’. the hubless wheels offer space that can be used for storage purposes. instead of having just air between the wheels, different USM’s (utility slot modules) can be added to the inside of the front or back wheel. they can securely be locked inside the hubless wheel, when not needed, for simple storage, rather than riding around with some unnecessary weight. 

cyclotron bike designboom
hubless wheels allow for USM storage compartments to be added or removed

‘renegade’ is reaching out for funding via its kickstarter campaign, which can be viewed here.

cyclotron bike designboom    

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